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Cambium XV2-22H - Wi-Fi 6 Indoor AP

2x2MIMO Dual-Band, 3 x 1GbE, 2.98Gbps

Varenr: 117131
Alt. varenr: XV2-22H0A00-RW

Cambium XV2-22H - Wi-Fi 6 Indoor Wall Plate Access Point

802.11ax Dual-Band 2x2MIMO, 2.98Gbps capacity, 3xGbE, IoT Ready


Cambium XV2-22H Indoor Wall Plate Access Point is designed specifically for hospitality applications, such as multi-dwelling units and hotels.


The device is designed for in-room installation, which is necessary to provide the type of Wi-Fi quality customers expect today. As such it has a sleek, miniaturized and non-intrusive design for installation on a flat wall or over a wiring box.


With dual-band Wi-Fi 6 and up to 2.98Gbps capacity, the XV2-22H will deliver outstanding wireless connectivity.


Easy installation and network flexibility

XV2-22H installs quickly over a standard wiring box, or to other boxes and surfaces using the optional mounting adapters.

With three Gigabit Ethernet ports, the XV2-22H lets you connect hotel room periferals such as the TV or set-top box, IP-phone or other networking devices. Making the need for an extra switch redundant.

All ports support 802.1Q VLANs, IGMP, switched virtual interface layer 3 routing, DHCP, and firewall. VLAN and IP segmentation allows secure connections to a TV set-top box, laptop, printer, or any networked device.


PoE Out

XV2-22H has en ethernetport with PoE-Out,  delivering up to 10 watts of operating power to an external device such as a VoIP phone, an in-room IoT hub or even another AP.


IoT Ready

Wi-Fi 6 brings more determinism to the physical radio-layer, giving the access point better control of its clients and connections to optimize when, where and when packets are transmitted. In addition the Wi-Fi 6 standard improves power saving controls it's client devices, an important aspect for battery powered units such as cell-phones, laptops and IoT devices.


XV2-22H is compatible with 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) and all former Wi-Fi techonologies, making it easy to scale into the enterprise network of tomorrow supporting both the wireless capacity that is demanded and the massive increase of IoT-devices that is projected.


In addition the access point has an integrated multi-function radio supporting either BLE, Zigbee or Thread to easily integrate with popular Zigbee based door access control systems or temperature controls, or enable BLE for close point of presence location services.


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Cambium designs quality products and as such the XV2-22H is delivered with a limited life-time warranty.


Enterprise Management with cnMaestro

Zero-touch provisioning, Policy-based automation, Guest networks, BYOD, Application Control, Enterprise security, easy scaling. A modern Wi-Fi network needs a flexible solution to plan, deploy and manage your networks.


Cambium cnMaestro is a simple, yet sophisticated network management solutions for your wireless and wired Cambium Network solutions. The system offers elastic scalability and a single-pane-of-glass management to deliver secure, end-to-end network and wireless lefecycle management with zero-touch provisioning, monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities. It simplifies operations and ongoing maintenance.


  • Single console for your entire Camium Network - Wi-Fi Access Points, Switches and Fixed wireless
  • Simple and easy-to-navigate user interface for fast time-to-productivity
  • Powerful troubleshooting tools for drill down and rapid problem resolution
  • Flexible integration via APIs and Webhooks for third party extensibility and customization
  • Includes Cambium Care Pro software supports with 24x7 L2 engineer access and all software updates for cnMaestro and managed devices


Customize the cloud-managed guest access with a fully configurable cloud portal with templates, point and click interface, or HTML CSS.