About Us

Last Mile AS serves clients within maritime, water supply, public transport, oil and gas, energy supply, and other sectors with high demands on quality, stability, and security.

Within these segments, we find notable parts of Norway's critical infrastructure facing substantial security and HSE challenges. Last Mile's primary focus is delivering systems and solutions protecting individuals, life and health, vital functions, critical infrastructure, and operational services, production, and service provisions. Suspension or complete stop of production and supply of critical infrastructure and essential civil duties would have a significant effect on people, industries, and jobs.

Through our partners on know-how and system integration, Last Mile AS has provided technology meeting the different sector's requirements for security and ongoing surveillance. A reliable infrastructure is necessary to obtain decent safeguarding of people, operations, service production, and environment.  An infrastructure with high open times is only obtainable through carefully assessing an enterprise's processes and requirements thereof. This assessment will uncover possible vulnerabilities and consequences of a complete stop or reduced production and service level.