Lumel P20-1167008 Inn 0-400 Ohm, Ut 0-20mA

Lumel P20-1167008

Inn 0-400 Ohm, Ut 0-20mA

Varenr: 116976
Alt. varenr: Lumel P20
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Lumel P20 - Transducer (Resistance).

Programmable transducer with high accuracy (class 0.2).
Can handle resistance reading 0 - 400 Ohm.

The P20 also measures standard signals such as direct current/voltage and resistance. The measurement ranges and output are fully programmable using the PD14 software package (USB connection).



  • Handles 11 different measuring inputs/sensors
  • High accuracy (class 0.2)
  • Easy programming using LP-config
  • Power supply 20-85V DC, 20-65V AC, 85-250V AC/DC
  • 22.5 mm wide
  • Free software