Xytronix X-406-E 1-Wire Multi-Bus Module

4 x 1-Wire, up to 64 sensors

Varenr: 117140
Alt. varenr: X-406-E

Xytronix X-406-E - Web-Enabled 1-Wire Multi-Bus Module

4 x 1-Wire buses for up to 64 sensors total, PoE or 9-28VDC input


X-406 is an industrial Ethernet and Web-enabled I/O-module for large-scale temperature and humidity monitoring. It is very easy to use, no software required, no programming necessary and no subscription required.


Each 1-wire bus handles up to 16 sensors for a total for 64 connected sensors. The integrated web-server enables logging and graphing, alerts through email or SMS, even logical tasks (IFTTT) with up to 50 scheduled events and 50 conditional events.


Built-in webserver

The X-406 has a built-in web server so it can be set up, controlled and monitored using a standard web browser. You can also use the Xytronix CBW Mobile smartphone app.



Custom emails or SMS alerts based on user defined triggers. For example, send alerts when temperature reaches a threshold.


Logging and Graphing

Record in real-time and display historical data right in the web-server.

Set up the unit to send you daily logs for a quick look at conditions or to import into other systems.


Peer-2-Peer Communication

Link the X-406 to other ControlByWeb devices to control them. Up to 32 external devices can be controlled, with up to 100 unique I/Os.