Xytronix X-404-I - Modbus Master Control

32 Modbus devices, RS485 + 1-Wire Bus

Varenr: 117141
Alt. varenr: X-404-I

Xytronix X-404-I - Web-enabled Modbus Controller

RS485 for up to 32 Modbus clients, 1-Wire bus for 16 sensors


The X-404TM is a powerful web-enabled Modbus controller with advanced logic and modular expansion capabilities that is very easy to use.


Program it either by using its web-page-based “Task Builder” or by writing a BASIC script. The X-404 can seamlessly share I/O on other ControlByWeb devices over the Ethernet network.


Modbus / RS485 sensors

Monitor RS485 Modbus sensors and use the X-404's built-in firmware to view and edit Modbus registers.


Temperature & Humidity sensors

Use the 1-Wire bus to connect up to monitor up to 16 sensors. Use the logger and graphing feature of the web server to view historical data.

Use the threshold and alarm features to get email or SMS alerts when a temperature is out of range.


Remote I/O

The X-404 can seamlessly communicate and share I/O with any other 400-series module through the TCP/IP network. This remote I/O can be used by the module for any function and works the same as if the I/O was directly connected.


Built-in Web Server

Users can operate the X-404 using a web browser, the CBW Mobile app or custom applications written for a computer, PLC or other automation controller. No gateways, cloud servers or external services are required.


Cloud Server (Optional)

The X-404 can be used with Xytronix cloud service if desired to simplify network setup and monitoring or large fleets of devices. The X-404 supports standard HTTP or HTTPS requests.


Control / Logic Task Builder

Easily program up to 50 scheduled tasks, 50 conditional tasks, 20 automatic reboot tasks and 20 override schedule tasks.

Logic is setup and executed locally on the device, not in the cloud.