Completech Antennesplittere 1-2 splitt med N-plugger

Completech Antennesplittere

1-2 splitt med N-plugger

Varenr: 104634
Alt. varenr: Completech splitter
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Completech CS - 1:2 Power Splitters


Completech CS-power splitters provide a practical way for 1 to 2 power splitting when combining multiple antennas or building up a cable harness. CS-splitters are available for most typical VHF, UHF, TETRA and GSM frequencies.


No additional jumper cables or connectors are needed as CS-splitters includes it all, minimizing the amount of junctions and losses.


CS-splitters can be combined, three CS-splitters can be easily cascaded to provide 1 to 4 splitting ratios.


Completech CA and CS together makes the whole system modular and flexible, enabling easy creation of different antenna arrays. Some of the arrays are available as ready made applications but only the imagination limits the amount of different antenna designs you can make, with tailored spacings, orientations and phasing.


If you have a specific need, Last Mile together with Completech would be pleased to assist you to model and design an array to fit your needs.