Decentlab DS18 - Temperature Sensor LoRaWAN, IP67, 5m cable

Decentlab DS18 - Temperature Sensor

LoRaWAN, IP67, 5m cable

Varenr: 118000
Alt. varenr: DL-DS18-001
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Decentlab DL-DS18-001 - Temperature Sensor for LoRaWAN

IP67, Integrated battery & antenna, 5m sensor cable


The DL-DS18 is a battery powered, wireless temperature sensor, utlizing LoRaWAN for low power wireless transmission over large distances.

DL-DS18 is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, where a robust, outdoor rated product is required for temperature monitoring. Typical use cases include cold chain monitoring and storage facilities, building automation, smart agriculture and open water or water tank monitoring. Operational life time on a single set of batteries can be anything from 5 to 15 years depending on usage.


The DS18 is a robust device built for wide temperature range and outdoors installations in any climate. The enclosure is made of weatherproof, IP67, impact- and UV-resistant polycarbonate, with an IP68-rated pressure equalizing plug utilizing PTFE membrane. The temperature sensor is IP68 rated, suitable also for temperature measurements of non-corrosive liquids.


Estimation of battery operation:

Battery life time depends heavily on signal quality. Good signal quality ensures the sensor spends less time transmitting, optimizing energy usage pr transmission. Transmission frequency also impacts battery life, always be conscious and try to optimze transmission frequency to the minimum required for you application.

Estimated operational lifetime for the DS18, based on best case and worst case spreading factor with 10 and 60 minute transmission intervals;

  • 10 minute intervals:
    • SF7: 11.6 years
    • SF12: 4.7 years
  • 60 minute intervals:
    • SF7: 16.7 years
    • SF12: 12.4 years