Korenix JetCon 1301-m Konverter  Eth. Cat  1 Tx - 1 Fx SC MM

Korenix JetCon 1301-m

Konverter Eth. Cat 1 Tx - 1 Fx SC MM

Varenr: 100983
Alt. varenr: JetCon 1301-m
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Korenix JetCon 1301-m.

Compact 1-port Fast Ethernet media converter 

JetCon 1301 is a compact 1-port Fast Ethernet media converter designed as small as a cigarette box, making it an ideal model that would physically fit into a chassis with limited space, such as machinery control box and duct assembly room. It also supports switch forwarding mode with abnormal packet filtering and pure converter mode for extreme low latency requirement – fieldbus and EtherCAT, which needs invariant forwarding latency in 64~1522 bytes packet length.


For easy maintenance and time-saving, JetCon 1301 features remote Link Loss Forwarding technology which provides remote link down signal forwarding, acknowledging link events occurred on each end of JetCon 1301.
To activate forwarding mode and LLF functions, simply adjust DIP switch and reset the converter and the reconfiguration will be applied.


For the field site harsh environmental installations such as vibrating machinery or duct assembly room applications, JetCon 1301 can be easily mounted directly onto DIN rail and powered with DC 18~32V. 


The high MTBF value of over 500,000 hours, 5-year global warranty and endurable performance of JetCon 1301 series give you the reliable choices for hazardous applications.