Korenix JetNet 3008 V3 Switch 8Tx

Korenix JetNet 3008 V3

Switch 8Tx

Varenr: 100988
Alt. varenr: JetNet3008
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Korenix JetNet 3008.


Industrial 8-port Fast Ethernet Switch.


The JetNet 3008 is a new generation 8-port compact Fast Ethernet switch equipped with 2.0Gbps Packet Switch engine as particular packet forwarding and filtering mechanism to fulfill industrial communication requirements on the field sites.
It provides the packet forwarding ability to handle 64~1552 Bytes packet size into 2 priority queues which comply with quality of service for the best data forwarding performance.

In addition, for the best network performance, both broadcast storm filtering and flow control functions can ensure your data traffic delivery to destination without traffic congestions.

To survive under hazard ous environments, it's equipped with 2 redundant power inputs, as the wide range input avoiding any power interruption and also operating between -34~70°C wide temperature range.
For the purposes of easy maintenance, JetNet 3008 has one alarm-relay for port link events and power events via alarm to assist engineers with notifications on the field sites.
With the JetNet 3008, users enjoy the superiority and the reliable performance on the field site applications.