Milesight EM320-TH - Temp & Fuktsensor

LoRaWAN 868MHz, IP67, Integrert Antenne

Varenr: 117174
Alt. varenr: EM320-TH-868M

Milesight EM320-TH - LoRaWAN Temperature and Humidity Sensor

IP67, Food grade, Cold chain feature with datalogging


EM320-TH is a compact and powerful LoRaWAN® temperature & humidity sensor. It is equipped with high-precision sensors and has a IP67 waterproof design, making it applicable for accurate temperature and humidity data retention in various harsh environments.


The EM320-TH enclosure is made with food-grade material’s allowing it to be placed in freezers, refrigerators and in contact with food or medicines safely.


With it's abilitiy to retain up to 3000 measurements, the sensor is well suited for cold chain applications, in portable refridgerators or similar, as it will keep the measured data until it regains wireless connectivity - this way you avoid holes in your log and can know if there has been critical changes in temperature while connectivity was lost.


In addition to LoRaWAN® technology with low power consumption, it has built-in high-capacity batteries available for usage for up to 5 years without battery replacement. Moreover, EM320-TH is compatible with both Milesight LoRaWAN® Gateway and Milesight IoT Cloud to achieve remote data monitoring and management. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications such as cold chain transportation, agricultural greenhouses, office buildings, hospitals, factories, etc.


Key Features

  • Sensirion high-precision sensor, capable of sensor subtle changes in temperature and humidity
  • IP67 certified enclosure with multi-level structure and sealing to acheive stron waterproof performance
  • food-grade materials, safe for contact with food or medicine
  • Ultra-low power consumption and standby mode, with 5400mAh replaceable batteries ensuring durable battery life
  • Anti-theft and anti-slip pad design on the back to ensure secure installation
  • Long range LoRaWAN data transmission
  • Local storage of 3000 records, support for retranmission to prevent data loss
  • NFC for easy configuration
  • Compliant with standard LoRaWAN gateways and network servers