Milesight WTS506 - IoT Weather Station LoRaWAN, Battery powered w/solar

Milesight WTS506 - IoT Weather Station

LoRaWAN, Battery powered w/solar

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Alt. varenr: WTS506-868M
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Milesight WTS506 - All-in-One Professional Weather Station for LoRaWAN

Class A device with Solar panel


Milesight IoT Weather Station (WTS-series) is an All-in-One weather monitoring system designed to be used in a variety of applications, including maeteorology, smart agriculture, marinas, resorts and smart buildings.


The system consists of 3 parts; the WTS-sensors, WTS-Hub and a solar panel. With rechargeable batteries and solar panel, combined with wireless, low-power, LoRaWAN communicaiton, these WTS stations are easy to deploy, needing a minimum of infrastructre.


The WTS-series constsists of the WTS305 Standard Version and Professional versions WTS505/506. The professional versions higher measurement accuracy and are build in a more robust aluminum alloy. WTS506 additionaly includes sensorics for rainfall.



WTS506 measures Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Rainfall, Wind Speed and Wind Direction.


Robust Enclosure

WTS506 features a robust enclosure, fit for harsh environments. Featuring an IP65 rated aluminum body, with increased resistance for rust, corrosion and oxidation.


Easy Commisioning and operation

As a LoRaWAN device, the WTS sensors is optimized for battery powered operation and is delivered with an effective solar panel, meaning you can install it anywhere, without thinking about infrastructure.

Using LoRaWAN for wireless communication makes it possible to acheive up to 15km line-of-sight wireless range, making it placement very flexible.


The WTS-Hub is a Class A LoRaWAN device and runs on rechargeable batteries allowing operation for 7 days or more, without any solar power. 


Data Storage and Retransmission

The WTS Weather Station supports local storage of up to 19000 records and supports retransmission to ensure no measured data is missed if there is loss of network connectivity.