Milesight GS301 - Bathroom Odor Sensor LoRaWAN Class A

Milesight GS301 - Bathroom Odor Sensor

LoRaWAN Class A

Varenr: 117805
Alt. varenr: GS301-868M
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Milesight GS301 - Bathroom Odor Detector for LoRaWAN

Class A, NH3 + H2S gas detection, Temperature & Humidity


GS301 is a 4-in-1 LoRaWAN bathroom odor detector. Designed to monitor levels of ammonia (NH3) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas, preset thresholds can be used to trigger local alarms (LED, Buzzer) and/or transmit measurements to your automation solution.


The GS301 can also measure temperature and humidity, giving you a great solution to measure the most important environmental factors for bathrooms.


As a class A device, it's low power consumption in combination with high battery capacity allows for battery life of up to 3 years or more.



  • High-Accuracy Electrochemical gas sensors for ammonia and hydrogen sulfide
  • Temperature and Humidity measurements
  • High-capacity batteries with 3+ years life expectancy for easy installation
  • LoRaWAN for wireless data transfer to your management systems
  • Integrated Buzzer and LED for local alarm about exceeded gas thresholds
  • Conformal coating for better suitability to damp environments
  • NFC for easy local configuration
  • Compatible with standard LoRaWAN Gateways and netwok servers
  • Supports Milesight D2D protocol


Milesight D2D Protocol

Milesight D2D Communication Protocol is a proprietary LoRa-based protocol. All Milesight devices supporting D2D can be setup for direct wireless communication without the use of a local LoRaWAN Gateway and/or network server.

This allows you to build local automation solutions. As an example, the GS301 and directly talk to a Milesight IoT Controller to trigger ventilation modes based on gas and humidity measurements.