Milestone MTCL1CL Milestone Technical Configuration Level1

Milestone MTCL1CL

Milestone Technical Configuration Level1

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Alt. varenr: MTCL1CL
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Milestone Technical Configuration Level 1

This three-day training workshop is designed to develop participant ability to install and configure moderately complex XProtect VMS installations.

The workshop consists of a series of hands-on exercises where learners practice configuring the XProtect Corporate VMS to specifications from realistic scenarios. Step-by-step instructions and a professional facilitator guide the learners as they configure systems according to sample specifications.

 3 days

A final project allows learners to practice and demonstrate their skills in a more independent environment, but with continued support from the facilitator.

Participants leave with a detailed sequential checklist and annotated notes to help transfer their knowledge to the field.

View the Milestone Technical Configuration Level 1 training workshop agenda here.

Target Audience
Field technicians who are responsible for installing and configuring Milestone’s VMS product line of video surveillance systems.

Content Areas Covered
Configure the Network and Server
Install Milestone XProtect VMS Components
Configure the Recording and Storage Settings
Add Devices to the Recording Server
Configure cameras
Rules introduction
Create Profiles
Configure and use events
Configure a Smart Wall
Set Security
Set Options
Define alarms
System monitoring
Configure Mobile Server
Milestone Interconnect
This training workshop is not required prior to taking the Milestone Certified Integration Technician (MCIT) online certification assessment but is recommended as preparation.

*For learners looking to earn the MCIT online assessment after attending class, we recommend first reviewing the MCIT Study Guide, as it provides insight into the knowledge and skills required and how to best prepare for the certification assessment.

Participants should have fundamental knowledge and skills with cameras, networks, and storage devices, as well as with installing and configuring the XProtect Smart Client. To be successful in this workshop, you should first complete the following:

Milestone Technical Configuration Level 1 Pre-workshop orientation
Milestone Integration Technician training track
Training Track information is available in the eLearning section of the Milestone Partner Learning Portal.

Cloud Labs
This training workshop is also available online! Contact your local Learning & Performance team for more information.