Mobotix Mx-c71A-8DN016 c71 Indoor Camera 4k DN016 360° IR

Mobotix Mx-c71A-8DN016

c71 Indoor Camera 4k DN016 360° IR

Varenr: 117759
Alt. varenr: Mx-c71A-8DN016
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Mobotix Mx-c71A-8DN016

MOBOTIX c71 - Premium Hemispheric Camera

With the hemispherical MOBOTIX c71 for indoor use, you have 360 degrees permanently in view. The c71 provides an allround view with just a single lens - no detail escapes this camera. Fully integrated audio functions, infrared LED and a
lens perfectly matched to it complete this product to one of the most powerful cameras on the market. Powerful apps
provide AI-based video analysis functions to actively relieve staff - in healthcare, retail or wherever entire rooms need to be monitored.


MOBOTIX 7 Platform with app support
Flexible codec support: H.264, H.265, MxPEG+ and MJPEG
ONVIF Profile S, T, G conformity guarantees utmost interoperability
4K (1:1) effective max. resolution 2144x2144 (original hemispherical image)
Integrated Audio (Mic & Speaker)
Integrated IR LED
Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) with up to 120 dB