Racom MIDGE3 - Industrial 4G LTE Router 4xGbE, 1xSFP, 1xRS232/485, 3xDI/O Racom MIDGE3 - Industrial 4G LTE Router 4xGbE, 1xSFP, 1xRS232/485, 3xDI/O

Racom MIDGE3 - Industrial 4G LTE Router

4xGbE, 1xSFP, 1xRS232/485, 3xDI/O

Varenr: 117414
Alt. varenr: MIDGE3-W-N
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Racom MIDGE 3 - Industrial LTE 4G Router

LTE Cat 4, 4xGbE, 1xSFP, 1xRS232/485, 3xDI/O, IEC 61850-3


MIDGE 3 is Racoms latest industrial grade cellular router, designed for demanding and mission-critical SCADA and telemetry applications in sectors such as power and water utilities, oil & gas distribution and similar.


As such it offers a wide range of features for connectivity, protocol support, routing, troubleshooting, security and management in combination with a highly robust hardware design certified for use in electrical substations (IEC 61850-3). 


For users of Racom RipEX 2 radios, the MIDGE 3 also offers a fully compatible feature set to allow for hybrid networks, as it is based on the same software platform.  




  • Standard
    • 4 x Gigabit Ethernet ports
    • 1 x RS232/485 serial port (3 ports total with hardware expantion option)
    • 1 x SFP
    • 1 x USB 3.0, Host A
    • 2 x Digital Inputs, 2 x Digital outputs, 1 x DI/O
    • 10 to 50 VDC power supply
    • 2 x SMA-Female antenna connectors (MIMO/Receive diversity)
  • Optional expansions (mPCIe)
    • Option C: 2 x RS232 (also adds 2 x DI + 2 x DO)
    • Option W: Secondar cellular module (4G LTE Cat 4, global band support)
    • Option G: GPS (GNSS)  


Serial ports & Protocol Support

  • Supports up to 3* RS232/485 serial ports (+2 ports with COM hardware expansion)
  • Supports 5 terminal servers
  • Supports a wide range of serial protocols, including;
    • Modbus, IEC101, DNP3, Comli, DF1
    • Siemens 3964(R), SAIA S-Bus, MARS-A, RDS
    • UNI, Async Link


  • Hardware
    • 3 years warranty, >900000h MTBF
    • -40°C to +70°C operational temperature
    • Approved for Power substations IEC 61850-3
  • Connectivity
    • Automatic connection recovery
    • Fallback management with WAN-profiles for APNs and Dual-SIM
    • ICMP type connection supervision
    • World-wide LTE Band support



  • Digitally signed FW, Secure boot & secured FW upgrade
  • Enable/Disable physical ports
  • Digital Input for connecting to cabinet door
  • Fully featured Linux SPI firewall
  • IPSec & OpenVPN
  • HTTPS (SSL x.509), SSH, Logical Port Disable, SNMP v3
  • Role based access (4 lvl), Password management (lockout, configurable comlexity)
  • Continuous improvement, no backdoor