Altanova Aquila Altanova Portable PD Analyzer

Altanova Aquila

Altanova Portable PD Analyzer

Varenr: 118005
Alt. varenr: Altanova Aquila
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Altanova Aquila, Portable PD Analyzer.

A compact and portable Partial Discharge acquisition unit, which allows to detect and analyze partial discharge activities in all electrical assets: from power cables to transformers, rotating machines and switchgears, together with the right combination of sensors and accessories. AQUILA comes with a full range of options, ideal for field testing.


AQUILA can be used to perform on-line and off-line PD assessments on all electrical asset of any voltage level.
Thanks to the simple and fast setup, the unit allows to perform detailed and accurated acquisitions that can be analyzed immediately or saved for further analysis.

Techimp’s AQUILA is able to stand up to 8 hours of full working conditions in a monitoring session. It can also be used as a power supply source and battery recharging unit for laptops, increasing the efficiency and the effective measuring time of a PD monitoring session, relieving customer for the need of external power supplies.


  • One device for condition-based maintenance of HV and MV cables, transformers, rotating machines and switchgears.
  • Innovative instrument for Partial Discharge testing (recording & processing).
  • Ultra-Wide Band, fast integrated processing capability.
  • PD Pulse detector and waveform analyser.
  • Multiple Connectivity (Wi-Fi, Fibre Optics, USB, Bluetooth).
  • NEW PD Pro software – the integrated software for Partial Discharge testing and reporting - IEC60270 compliant.
  • TECHIMP’s patented T/F Map technology able to differentiate between noise signals and different multiple PD signals.