Tektelic SEAL - Wearable GPS Tracker LoRaWAN, GPS, BLE, IP67

Tektelic SEAL - Wearable GPS Tracker


Varenr: 117969
Alt. varenr: SEALBEU868
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Tektelic SEAL - Wearable GPS Tracker for LoRaWAN

IP67, GPS + BLE + Panic Button


SEAL is designed to enable tracking of personnel working remotely in the field, with focus on a small, rugged form factor, wide temperature range and IP67 weather protection - this device can be used in any environment.


SEAL provides GPS enabled, near real-time satellite location tracking with LoRaWAN®, in addition it has integrated BLE which can be used for tracking indoors, an integrated panick button for emergency situations as well an accelerometer enabling fall detection and no-motion alarms to increase worker safety. 


Using the energy effective, long-range wireless protocol LoRaWAN, the SEAL sensor can operate for up to 8-12 months in the field before batteries needs to be replaced.


Key Features

  • Precise GPS and BLE for positioning
  • Fall Detection & No-motion alarm
  • Integrated Panic Button
  • Geofencing capabilities
  • Optional Harness clip detection
  • Rugged IP67 design
  • 8-12 months battery life
  • Data transmission over LoRaWAN