Xytronix XRDI-WSEP-IN WEB relay 10A 2Rele Xytronix XRDI-WSEP-IN WEB relay 10A 2Rele


WEB relay 10A 2Rele

Varenr: 117609
Alt. varenr: XRDI-WSEP-IN
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Xytronix XRDI-WSEP-IN.


WebSwitch Plus™ Remote Power Switch is the ideal solution for remote reboot and many remote power control applications.


WebSwitch Plus™ has two power outlets which can be independently controlled using a web browser.
It is completely self-contained and includes a built-in web server, so no external servers, services, or subscriptions are required.


The WebSwitch Plus™ can be connected to our optional ControlByWeb Cloud service for additional management and data access features.
In addition to remote control, WebSwitch Plus™ has an automatic reboot controller which can be configured to reboot computers or network devices when they become unresponsive.


WebSwitch Plus™ excels in remote temperature monitoring, discrete inputs, event scheduling, logging, and email alerts.

WebSwitch Plus™ is engineered to provide excellent performance for many years while running 24/7.
You can have confidence using WebSwitch Plus™ when your critical applications demand reliability and integrity.




  • Control from a standard web browser - no special
    software required.
  • Automatic Reboot, use to reboot devices when ping
    responses fail.
  • Secure, built-in web server for configuration and
    remote monitoring; no external servers, services or
    subscriptions required.
  • Supports HTTP(S), SNMP, JSON, and Modbus TCP/IP.
  • “Remote Services” can be used to initiate connection
    with external servers and our optional ControlByWeb
    Cloud service.
  • Task Builder (50 Scheduled Tasks, 50 Conditional Tasks,
    20 Reboot Tasks, 20 Override Schedules).
  • Password protection.
  • IP filter provides simple firewall.
  • Operates worldwide (100-240V AC; 50/60Hz).
  • Wall mountable or optional rack mounting kit available.
  • Up to sixteen temperature/humidity sensors.
  • Dry-contact sensors or switches can be connected for
    local control of outlets or monitoring external devices.
  • Real-time clock syncs with NTP server.
  • Event scheduler with yearly calendar.
  • Detailed log information for outlet changes, automatic
    reboots, temperatures, network traffic, and more.