Cambium PMP 450i AP 90deg Sector ATEX 5GHz, IP67, 300Mbps (ROW)

Cambium PMP 450i AP 90deg Sector ATEX

5GHz, IP67, 300Mbps (ROW)

Varenr: 117974
Alt. varenr: C050045A012B
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Cambium PMP 450i - 5GHz 90° Sector Access Point - ATEX

IP66/67, 2x2MIMO, 300Mbps (ROW)


PMP 450i is an industrial grade Access Point belonging to the PMP 450-platform. The 450i is the most scalable industrial-grade wireless broadband solution on the market.


PMP 450i Access Points are compatible with all PMP 450 subscriber modules, and support up to 238 consecutive subscribers delivering a total of 300Mbps aggregate capacity.


Ultra-Wide band, high-performance radios

Supports the entire band from 4.9 to 5.925 GHz, with an advanced radio design that improves transmit power and increases radio sensitivity. Also gives the possibility to select non-standard channel sizes for added flexibility; 5MHz, 10MHz & 30MHz.


Rugged Metal Enclosure

Designed to meet IP66 and IP67 standards and built to withstand harsh environments.


Dynamic Interference Filtering

The dynamic filter provides industry leading noise isolation for imporved performance in RF-dense environments


Updated FPGA and SoC architecture

Triples the processing power compared to previous generation PMP450 radios. Increasing packets per second, reducing and stabilizing latency and jitter.


Multifunction AUX Port

The auxillary Gigabit Ethernet-port allows for greater flexibility in deployment, giving you the option to connect peripheral equipment. Supporting PoE-output even allows you to add a camera or other PoE-powered equipment reducing the need for a switch or extra injectors.


Increased Throughput

Capable of up to 300Mbps in a 40MHz channel