Milesight VS132 - People Counting Sensor LoRaWAN, Bi-directional flow detection

Milesight VS132 - People Counting Sensor

LoRaWAN, Bi-directional flow detection

Varenr: 117442
Alt. varenr: VS132-868M
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Milesight VS132 - 3D ToF Poeple Counting Sensor for LoRaWAN

EU868 Class C sensor


The VS132 is an advanced sensor designed for reliable and anonymous people counting, using LoRaWAN for long-range indoors wireless communication.


Equipped with WiFi, supporting both direct DC power input and PoE-PD and with flexible mounting options, this sensor is easy to install, configure and operate.


With 100% anonymous detection and 99.5% detection reliability, even without ambient lighting, it is suitable for most people-counting applications in shopping malls, public and commercial building, offices and more.


3D ToF Technology

The ToF (Time-of-Flight) principle is based on measuring the time it takes for a moduleated near-infrared light to travel from a source to an object and back. By calculating phase difference, the sensor froms a 3D depth image for accurate and anonymous people counting.


100% Anonymous Detection

The 3D ToF People Counting Sensor - V132 - is GDPR-compliant. By applying 3D ToF technology and LoRaWAN wireless transmission, the sensor only gets 3D depth information and transmits them without involving personally identifiable information. 100% guaranteeing privacy protection for visitors.


99.5% Ultra-High Accuracy

Breaking through the limitation of the RGB and AI technologies which impede the higher accuracy, the 3D ToF technology efficiently increases accuracy to 99.5%.


Large Detection Area

Designed to suit a wide range of appliations, the VS132 supports a wide detection area.

With a FOV (Field-of-View) of 92.5° Horizontal and 67° vertical and a detection range of up to 3 meters, can monitor an area of up to 25m² (6.27 x 3.97 m).


Smart U-turn Detection

By looking at the flow of people the sensor is able to detect U-turns and filter out false positive ingress or egress.

Differentiating between people who are really entering or exiting increases its reliability and usefullness as you avoid counting people wandering in the entry area more than once.


Works in any light conditions

The V132 relies on emitted near-infrared light, this makes it independent of any ambient lighting. It will detect people, even in complete darkness.


Local storage of data for high reliability

The VS132 can store up to a millian data records locally. This ensures easy access to long running statistcs and ensures important data is not lost even if there is a connectivity outage.